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Here are the quick anserwers to common questions. Please refer to the Handbook for more details.


  • During drop off and pick up times PLEASE be considerate of others and take lengthy conversations elsewhere. (Pretend you still live in the city, keep traffic moving.)


  • We are a nut-free evironment, therefore when packing lunch Do Not include products with nuts. Do however, include ice packs and label containers with your child's name.


  • Label your child's clothing, especially outerwear.


  • If your child is sick keep them at home! Refer to page 45 of the Handbook for full details.


  • Be aware that there is a Late Pick Up Fee! See page 24 for details.


  • Do Not send your child to school in their best clothes. FMRNS does not guarantee they will come home stain-free. 


  • Dress them appropriately for weather. We go outside year round, temperatures permitting.











Parent volunteers develop programming throught the year for you. The areas covered range from cooking for kids to managing an unruly preschooler. Please contact or Emily Glod with any programming ideas or questions. Upcoming events will be listed on the Home page under Events.









Chairperson  Melissa Gainer

Secretary  Alternating: Julie Keryc

Finance Officer  George Gainer, Wes Oliver  Personnel  Suki Parsons; Amanda Bird

Trustee  Lauriston Avery

RUMC Pastor  Michael Cobb

RUMC Representative  Debbie Chappell

Parent Enrichment  Adie Edenbach

Parent Representative  Katherine Reth

Teacher Representatives  Chikako Morioka / Martha Todd


Parent Volunteers on the Council


Beautification  Elle Littlefield

Fundraising and Event Planning Tracy Ann Glass Young and Heather Zachary, Chairs; Team:  Adie Edenbach, Christina Kloos, Christyne Dillard, Annie Papp Bobbi Stashenko

Marketing  Bobbi Stashenko

Room Parents  You and You!       

Welcome  & Outreach Christine Cataldo, Christyne Dillard

Librarians Danielle Lettieri, Julie Keryc