The Five Mile River Nursery School was founded to provide this community with a resource for the care and nurture of its preschool children.   It is a non-denominational non-profit weekday program operated by the Rowayton United Methodist Church.  


Five Mile River Nursery School focuses on the development of the whole child: intellectual, social-emotional, moral, creative and physical.  Our goal is to create a framework of materials and an atmosphere of love and acceptance in a partnership between families and staff that will set the stage for discovery and growth.  We believe that when we allow a child to make appropriate choices, we are building a firm foundation for later learning and preparing the child for the ever-changing world.

We follow an evolving mix of Bank Street Method, Creative Curriculum and the Emergent Curriculum.  By looking at the children individually, we hope to encourage autonomy and support them in all of their areas of development thereby achieving a positive self-image for each child.


We implement the State of Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework by following an intentional process of planning for the observation of children’s development as it naturally occurs in the learning experiences of the classroom.  We reflect our observations, and then plan strategies for supporting children in subsequent themes, as children master the benchmarks of development and emerge into successful levels of growth. Our goal is for children to develop a frame of reference of ideas, knowledge, problem-solving, motor and social skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.   


To see how we achieve this goal, come and visit us.   We look forward to seeing you!